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Non-structured Remote Learning

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Non-structured Remote Learning (Video call) – Take advantage of my 15 Point Assessment Method today!

Generally sessions can include anything and are non-structured so you can get exactly what you want, in a way you want. I can cover anything from post processing sessions, critique sessions or both. If you like, we can apply my 15 point assessment method to score your images in a non-biased way. This removes personal opinions and scores the image based on 15 key points that will make you think more deeply about your images. This is a great tool if you are just starting out and find yourself unsure when presented with a scene, be it on location or at the digital darkroom.



These sessions are non-structured so we can adapt to whatever you need. Just remember that time does pass quickly so be sure to book enough for your needs.


As soon as I receive your order, I will be in touch to arrange a suitable time to start.


Please note that for oversees orders you may be charged a shipping fee of £20.00, which will be refunded.

Duration: 1 hour, 2 hour, 3 hour
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