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This one day workshop is for a maximum of three people so that all participants benefit from tuition that is not diluted and offers great value for money. Spring and autumn are both very unpredictable times of year so expect everything the British climate can throw at us, but it is this what makes this workshop so exciting. If you follow my channel over on YouTube, you will know that great images can be found in what would appear to be the most mundane conditions, so don’t worry of the forecast is for rain, overcast light or wind. This is one of the few workshops that can be truly rewarding whatever the weather.



The workshop starts in Keswick where we will meet at a pre-agreed location nearby (details will be sent). Should the light be offering something unique, we will visit the shoreline of Derwentwater to grab an opportunistic landscape first thing. 

The workshop location encompasses broad-leaved and coniferous woodland, grassland, marsh and shoreline, so there is plenty to work with. These habitats also overlap in many cases, so the opportunities for close-up work (macro), small scenes (any lens) and intimate landscapes (any lens) are limitless. All you need is a willingness to slow down and observe and sometimes a bit of imagination and the world in miniature is your oyster. The group is limited to three so you will never be left to fend for yourself, unless you request time alone specifically to explore. As each visit to a location is different on any given day of any week and any year, Simon will point out opportunities as and when he sees them throughout the workshop. The larger scene is not off the table on this workshop, although it’s not the primary focus. We would be crazy to ignore dramatic light if it unfolded.

Duration – 8 hrs

April workshop starts at 6am

October workshop starts at 7am

Group size is three participants and

includes travel between locations

Fitness Level – Easy

One 5 min steep hill

Ideal equipment: Digital SLR / 50mm macro or 100mm macro or 180mm macro & extension tubes if you have them.

 Sturdy tripod (reflectors and flash if you wish). Kneeling pads such as those used by tilers come in handy for getting low and keeping dry. You can buy these here.

Meals not included, but there will be a cafe lunch stop

This workshop runs in spring and autumn so warm clothing and appropriate footwear is essential. A good stout pair of wellingtons will allow you to work in anything we might encounter

Dates: 27th April 24, 28th April 24, 5th October 24, 6th October 24
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