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The Adventurer

I think it’s fair to say that not a day, or perhaps even an hour goes by when I don’t think about photography at some point. The art, as we photographers’ like to call it is so deep rooted in my being, that I expect it to stay that way until the day I die!

I took a personality profiling test recently and I was presented with the title ‘Adventurer’ as my personality type and I quote… “Few personality types are as colourful and charming as Adventurers and they are known for their kindness and artistic skills. Adventurers are great at finding exciting new things to explore and experience and are able to show their creativity in tangible ways and with stunning beauty. Whether writing a song, painting an emotion, or presenting a statistic in a graph, Adventurers have a way of visualising things that resonates with their audience”…

Simon Booth Lofoten Islands, Norway
History in Brief

When I fully wind back the clock from where I am today, I think it all started in junior school with trip to the Martin Mere Wildlife and Wetlands Trust centre near Southport. So with that in mind, below is my timeline in its entirety as I remember it starting in 1977!

As our coach arrived at the Martin Mere car park, I remember very vividly the site of the grass covered roof of the main building…a building that hides itself! Whilst at secondary school, I was a serious member of the young ornithologist club and upon leaving school, I bought a camcorder with the savings from my wages so that I could film wildlife. The camcorder didn’t really work out and I was eventually given my first camera (Practika MTL3) at seventeen by my first girlfriend’s stepdad. He had a Canon T70! I then progressed to a Practica MTL5 and Practika BC1 before eventually finding the money for my first Canon, the EOS 600. I then moved to the EOS 5 and it was about this time aged 22 that I bumped into a nature photographer by the name of Colin Smith FRPS. Colin took me under his wing and within a very short time, I was taking images that I was finally happy with and eventually attained my ARPS distinction in 1998. I traded up to the EOS 3 with a quick side step to medium format with the Mamiya RB67 after which I then moved back to Canon with a second EOS 3. I bought my first digital SLR – the Canon EOS 1Ds in 2002 and then eventually the 1Ds Mk2 five years later. This was followed by the EOS 1Dx until the current day, where I find myself back with medium format and the Pentax 645z – shooting almost exclusively landscapes including intimate scenes. Alongside all the aforementioned camera goings on, my love of nature transitioned me from a hopeless school drop-out to a professional senior ecologist and a very serious photographer.

You can read about some of my accolades below.

Multi-award Winning Photography

The medium format digital equipment that I now use is on a par with the very best the photographic industry has to offer. When it comes to clarity, sharpness and dynamic range, very few cameras can come close. Images can go LARGE without ever being compromised!

My vision is to capture only the very best landscape moments aimed at producing photography of the highest level. The images are all inspired by my appreciation of my environment and are crafted by light, colour, composition and creative perspective.


  • RHS Chelsea Photographer of the Year 2017 Pure Plants Category – 2nd Place
  • British Wildlife Photography Awards 2016 Botanical Britain Category – Highly Commended
  • Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year 2016 Finalist
  • Wanderlust Travel Photograph of the Year 2016 Highly Commended
  • Wanderlust Travel Photograph of the Year 2015 Finalist – Landscape Category
  • Outdoor Photography Magazine winning portfolio 2005
  • Wanderlust Travel Photograph of the Year 2002 Finalist – Nature category
  • Wanderlust Travel Photograph of the Year 2002 Finalist – Landscape category
  • Winner – Weather and the Landscape 2002 Practical Photography Magazine
  • Wildlife Photographer of the year 1998 Veola Specially Commended
  • Associate of the Royal Photographic Society 1998 The Royal Photographic Society.


  • Professional Photography
  • Outdoor Photography
  • Practical Photography
  • Photography Monthly
  • Trail Magazine
  • The Great Outdoors
  • The Natural World
  • BBC Wildlife
  • The Royal Photographic Society Journal
  • Life Magazines
  • Bird Watching

Photography You Can Trust

Devotion to the art

30+ years of excellence / multi – award winning photography. 

It has been said that my attention to detail is bordering on being an obsession!


The medium format digital equipment I now use is the very best the photographic industry has to offer. When it comes to clarity, sharpness and dynamic range, nothing else comes close. My images can go LARGE without compromise!


These beautiful works are at the core of what I do and the reason that I head out to wild and remote locations, time after time in the dark. For every once in a while, with a little persistence and a lot of luck, the most remarkable moments can be captured forever. From the initial vision through to completion, these bespoke products are lovingly produced and will last you a lifetime.


I love what I do so you are guaranteed 100% commitment in my work. I love to create and strive for perfection in every aspect of what I produce. Once an image is captured, it is carefully processed using techniques that have been crafted over many years of professional practice.


One to One Mentoring / One Day Group Workshops /Multi-day Workshops (coming soon).

Ecological knowledge

A strong ecological background enables a full understanding of the habitats that make up the earth’s beautiful landscapes.

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