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One to One & Two to One Workshops

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Available all year round 

One to one personal instruction for all levels tailored to meet your needs.

Simon is a professional ecologist and landscape/nature photographer and is ideally suited to provide you with all the outdoor photography instruction that you need. As you begin to grow as a photographer, it’s not only important to understand the technicalities of photography, we need to learn to appreciate luminosity, contrast, colour, geometry and atmosphere, which are the five pillars that underpin a successful image. It also helps if your mind can focus on absorbing the atmosphere of your surroundings and all that make up our landscape. Simon’s appreciation of all things nature and his extensive knowledge of habitats, plants and animals and their inter-relationships will help you along this journey, by giving you a much deeper understanding and appreciation for how the landscape ticks.


Simon is equally at home creating the grand landscape images as he is in the woodland setting where often other see chaos. He also loves to craft images from very little as is the case with images that are not just representational, as we commonly see on social media platforms. These are images that if someone was stood by him on the day, they would unlikely see what he sees.  These are more significant in his view and require a more considered approach to working. The day will enable you to see more deeply into the landscape and learn how to take more significant photographs.


See what Thomas Heaton has to say about Simon

One to One Photography Tuition

There is nothing I love more than sharing my passion for photography and knowledge of the natural world with equally passionate people. I have over 30 years experience behind the camera and many awards and publications to my name, not to mention being a professional ecologist for over 15 years. 

Join me out in the field and benefit from this experience on a one to one. You can even bring a friend and enjoy a two to one experience with a friend for a small additional fee! Both options can include me traveling up to 90 miles from PR45PN. This can include the Lake District, Peak District and the Yorkshire Dales. One to one and two to one days further afield can be accommodated but contact me in the first instance. Additional costs are mileage at 0.45p per mile, plus an overnight stay if required (Travel lodge or similar).

In the first instance I will request a couple of images from you so that I can establish your competency level and provide the right level of tuition on the day. Any information that you wish to provide me with at the same time is very welcome and may include what you would like to cover and any particular location that you might have in mind.

David Ireland said:

For someone looking to expand their horizons from an artistic or creative point of view through composition, or to better understand the technical and practical elements of camera craft I cannot speak highly enough of your skills and approaches in your workshop. You make for good company Simon in many ways, and your knowledge of the countryside was interesting certainly but it was entertaining too. For people like me with an interest though no great knowledge of the various species of plants and birds we encountered, or ecological matters generally, it was an added bonus and a great part of a very enjoyable and worthwhile day.

All year round. Eight hours duration for a full day and four hours duration for a half day, taking in a dawn or dusk

Group size is typically one person but add a second for half price but contact me in the first instance

Fitness Level – Easy to moderate

Ideal equipment: Digital SLR or medium format / 16mm – 35mm / 24mm – 70mm / 75 – 300mm / tripod

Hot drinks and lunch included on full day workshops

These workshops run in all seasons so dress appropriately. A good stout pair of wellingtons will allow you to work shallow in water

One or Two?: One to One full day, Two to One full day
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