File reference: DLA-1579

The Suffolk Gate, Bungay, Suffolk, United Kingdom.

I had climbed out of my bed on this particular morning with absolutely no photograph in mind and merely headed out for a walk on the promise of a misty morning, based on the previous night’s forecast. The conditions upon my early rise looked good indeed so I headed for the nearest river that I could find, knowing full well that any mist, should I find it, would linger mostly in this type of habitat. I had only been out of the car for a few minutes walking along the riverside path when I noticed the lovely five barred gate in the distance. To my eye it reminded me of a Constable painting, beautifully softened by the mist and framed by the over hanging willows. The pathway, edged by spring nettles and creeping soft-grasses also made for a very pleasing lead-in line. This mist was forever changing with varying degrees of thickness and with the sun shining through it from the left to right, I had to time my shot perfectly so there was just enough mist to give the photograph atmosphere, but not so much that it engulfed the soft light of the rising sun.

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