File reference: DLA-2026

Stanley Ghyll Force, Lake District National Park, Cumbria, United Kingdom.

Every once in a while you stumble upon something quite unexpected and on this occasion it happened to me during a period of dull light when my creative need was driving me crazy. When I finally blew the dust off a photo guidebook on my bookshelf and took a little look inside, this gem of a location struck me as a place to visit immediately. As far as dull light goes, there is often no better subject than a waterfall to satisfy my addiction to photography. Upon arrival, I swiftly headed up the hill following a well marked path for only about a mile from the car park, albeit a two hour drive from my home. In no time I was in place but completely dissatisfied with the lack manoeuvrability because of the very narrow platform and treacherous wet rocks where the route ended…the location afforded me only one viewpoint. Un-deterred, I positioned my tripod aloft a rock in the only position it could go and framed this image. As is often the case, the view through the viewfinder is not always the one that jumps out to the naked eye and immediately upon framing this up, I realised that all the elements of this scene fell beautifully within the crop of the medium format sensor. The rising mist from the falling water, surrounded by the damp rocks, the rhododendron forest and fallen trees all sit beautifully together and remind me of a scene from Jurassic Park to which a grazing Brachiosaurus would not look out of place.

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