File reference: DLA-1480-2

Plantation woodland, Herringfleet, Norfolk, United Kingdom

The plantation woodland is a highly manufactured habitat, which often supports little to no wildlife and if you have ever walked through one alone, you will have experienced the silence within. Often, you hear nothing other than the sound of the cool breeze as it flows through the trees and over the millions of tiny needles, which can make for a very eerie experience. On this particular morning I was on my way back from a failed session at Herringfleet Windmill where I had gone to photograph the foggy morning, but the fog was just not low enough to give me what I wanted. However, on my way back to the car, I passed this woodland and because of its somewhat higher elevation, the fog was hanging around within it. I framed this composition up with a tele-photo lens to make the trees appear as a tighter group, whilst at the same time selecting a wide aperture to reduce the depth of field and exaggerate the foggy feel to the image.  The shot is a panoramic of twelve images and is full sixty inches long along the longest edge.

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