File reference: DLA-1257

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Skyfire – Southwold Pier is a pier in the coastal town of Southwold in the English county of Suffolk.

Now mornings like this don’t happen very often and this image represents exactly what I saw on the day…it was truly a sight to behold! I was staying locally in the village of Beccles on the border between Suffolk and Norfolk, so the drive to the location in the dark wasn’t a long one..15mins in fact! Now as a photographer, when you are travelling in the dark to a location, your eyes are often fixed on the eastern horizon when they should be on the road ahead; this was one of those mornings! I could clearly see that the majority of cloud in the sky was high cloud and nothing else. These are the conditions colour photographer live for. Being so close to the location, I had left no time for error and it was simply a case of straight out of the car, jump down the wall and onto the sands. Only one photographer shared that morning with me and we both retired to the local cafe afterwards for a hearty English breakfast to reflect on what we had just captured.

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