File reference: DLA-1675

Hamnøy is a beautiful little small fishing village located almost at the tip of the Lofoten Islands in Norway. 

The Lofoten Islands are simply awash with natural beauty and virtually everywhere you point your lens, there are images to be had  It’s very easy as you drive around the network of narrow roads linking the islands to become complacent of what you are witnessing. For me, I had dreamed of coming to this location for many years after reading about it the Lonely Planet Magazine and I wasn’t about to become accustomed to the sights too readily. I wanted to soak them up for a lifetime of memories and relished every moment of my time there. I was fortunate enough during my visit to have been able to secure accommodation in one of the little red huts you see in the photograph so on the morning the image was taken, I only had a short walk up the ice covered road to get to my position. I wanted to title this photograph ‘A Dream Realised’, but then I felt that that was too specific to me.

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