File reference: DLA-1268

Cockersands Point, Cockerham, Lancashire, United Kingdom.

I have been here so many times and only once have I ever captured the dawn light so well. The scene is one of great difficulty to achieve because not only do you have to choose the right time of year to get the sunlight in the right direction, you also have to shoot when the tide is a specific height. Get these two elements right and then hope for the best with the weather! With the odds stacked greatly against me, I do consider myself very privileged to have created this image. What you don’t get a sense of in the image is the cold icy air, which you have to brave whilst standing waiting for the sun to rise. This location is as exposed as you can get along the Lancashire coastline and the only company you often have for the morning, are the birds who have flown from the arctic to feed on the invertebrate rich mud.

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