File reference: DLA-1519

Scalebar Force is located within a deep wooded ravine in Stockdale, in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales.

The UK has enough waterfalls to keep the photographer busy for an entire lifetime, yet most of those which make it onto the A list of waterfall to visit, are often the one’s that are most disappointing for me. The falls that I refer to are on the map because they are big, bold and brash, and make you go wooo when you see them, when in reality, they are often strewn with debris, difficult to access because of barriers or have so much spray that you simply cannot take a shot because the lens is constantly being soaked…or they just aren’t that pretty. A waterfall for me has to be gentle, a place where you feel a connection to your surroundings, where the water flows through the scene taking your eye on a wandering journey from the foot of the fall to the very top. Finding these falls is difficult, as it’s often the lesser known locations which hide these little gems. Now I am not saying the Scalebar Force will never display its angry side, as I am sure it has one, but I timed my visit to when I knew the amount of water running through the ravine that day would be just enough to evoke the feeling that I look for in my images. It certainly didn’t disappoint!

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