File reference: DLA-1633

Shingle Street is a small coastal hamlet in Suffolk, England, at the mouth of Orford Ness, situated between Orford and Bawdsey.

Every time I have visited this location, there is an eerie calmness, which I find difficult to explain and I am sure it’s not just me! There are often people around, but never much sound or chaos, just gentle waves brushing over the shingle as they each come and go. Fishermen mostly stand by the shore waiting for a lucky catch but for me, it’s a place of sheer beauty where I find inner calmness. The shingle is ever shifting and so it rarely looks the same from one year to the next. What I love the most about Shingle Street and this may make no sense at all, is that there is very little to offer the photographer, but at the same time, so much!

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