File reference: DLA-1898

Island of Mull, North West Scotland.

Having driven past this location numerous times en-route to a rocky beach nearby, I decided it was worth investigating in more detail. The image that I had in my mind’s eye was actually very different to the one presented here. I knew that once in position down the bottom of the hill, the tree I wanted to photograph would break the skyline and would not work. However, because this is such a beautiful fall, my instincts drew me to take a closer look and this is where the surprise find of this image lay. Composing the scene with a longer focal length lens allowed for a calm and intimate view of this waterfall, which I hadn’t anticipated from the top of the hill. The soft palette of green elm leaves very much compliment the blue tones of the shaded waterfall and I am overjoyed by the result. It has been said that the photograph has an oriental feel reminiscent of the scenes on old Chinese porcelain. I think this is a wonderful observation.

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