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Simon Booth Photography is a proud Ambassador for KINGJOY tripods.

Tripod of choice:

Kingjoy SolidRock Landscape series C85 4-section high-end carbon fibre tripod (without centre column).

Dust and sand proof resistant leg sleeves, with hand grip to assist in the cold and freezing temperatures.
360º panorama double groove, low centre of gravity ball head.
10 layers of interwoven high density carbon fibre tripod legs.
Levelling Base with spirit level for optimum levelling for panoramics.
Counter weight hook to hang additional weight for increased stability.

Material: Carbon Fibre
Lock Mode: Twist Lock
Weight: 2.44kg
Load Capacity: 30kg
Leg Section: 4
Leg Tube Diameter: 34.6mm – 22.4mm
Packed Length: 668mm
Maximum Height: 1638mm

My go to tripod: Kingjoy C85 Professional Carbon Fibre.

Those of you who have followed me over past the thirty years or so will know full well that you rarely see me out and about without a tripod. For years I used Uniloc brand before eventually moving to Gitzo, once I had saved enough cash to buy one. I have since used this tripod continuously for the last ten years but alas, it is coming to the end of its useful life. I always thought that I would stay with Gitzo but I have in the past year or so had my eye on the Kingjoy brand. Imagine then my surprise when KASE filters announced that they were going to become the new UK importers and they asked me to have some input into the development of a new ball head. Naturally I was flattered and I set about testing the existing ball head over a period of time and then fed back to the team with my thoughts. Presently the new head is in development and I am eagerly awaiting its arrival later in the year. In the meantime, I have continued to use the C85 legs for some time now and I absolutely love them. There is nothing to differentiate between these legs and those of the Gitzo that I am used to…other than the price, which is half of what I would have paid for my replacement…I am converted! The legs are slick, robust, feel well balanced in the hand and the large foam grip is a JOY to hold (pardon the pun). The spiked feet, which come free with the legs are brilliant and having tried them now, I would not go back to rubber feet.

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