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Structured Remote Mentorship

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Structured Remote Mentorship – Video Course

This is a screen sharing service to help you become a more creative and thoughtful photographer. The programme will help you take more ‘significant’ images and find your voice.

This is aimed at those who already have an understanding of how the camera works, focusing more (pardon the pun) on the final image rather than the exposure triangle for example. The below sessions each last between 1 and 1.5hrs

  • Session 1 – Introductory video consultation. This is used to get to know one another and gain some insight into your photography. This will enable me to provide the information you need to advance your photography. Here we discuss your in-field equipment, processing software and processing capabilities to identify any limitations that you might have.  A brief review of your work using screen sharing can also be given at this stage if you like. This session will also allow you the opportunity to ask any questions you might have about my own work.
  • Session 2 – Photo critique and discussion. Here we review as election of your existing work using my 15 Point Assessment Method. Here you will present a selection of five of your own images chosen by you, which we will go through together and apply the assessment method. This will enable an unbiased score to be given to your images and can be carried through to your field based assignment. The session will also include a discussion with tips and thoughts about how I bring together a scene in the field and what I consider during post processing work. The assignment will be a period of time (to be agreed) in which you will go away and produce a small body of work (five images) for review during Session 4. You will also be given links to some inspirational content to spur you on.
  • Session 3 – Catch up to see how your are getting on with your assignment and gain further guidance if needed.
  • Session 4 – Final review. Here we review the field based assignment images using the assessment method. This is where you will see a change in your work and recognise the significantly better images. This is followed by a closing discussion.

Email support: This is available throughout the course in case you have any questions.


Upon payment I will send you a questionnaire in readiness for our first session and then I will be in touch to arrange a suitable time to call.


Please note that for oversees orders you may be charged a shipping fee of £20.00, which will be refunded.

Mentorship Course: Full
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