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Spring – The Art of Macro Photography

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Level: Beginner

This workshop takes place at two closely linked locations, namely Yarrow Valley Country Park and Duxbury Woods in Lancashire. Both areas are predominantly ancient semi-natural broad-leaved woodland habitats with good footpaths throughout. We will start the day at Yarrow Country Valley Park where we will work on the wooded banks that surround the large lake. Here you can photograph species like lesser celandine, young wild garlic, wood anemone and wood sorrel among other subjects. After lunch, which you can get in the local cafe we will take a short car journey of about 15mins to the second location, where we will walk along the wooded river valley of the Yarrow Valley itself, adjacent to Duxbury Park Golf Course.  This is a very shady habitat but we should find a variety of ferns and horsetails, marsh marigolds, not to mention a verity of textures and patterns that adorn the natural environment. There are also opportunities to photograph the river itself if you like, where you might just catch a glimpse of a dipper as it whizzes by.

Yarrow Valley Park Location here.


This workshop is aimed at those wanting to improve their macro photography skills and has been timed to provide you with the widest variety of botanical subjects possible on a single day. However, what you choose to shoot on the day is entirely up to you and I will not dictate what you shoot. What you choose to photograph is entirely up to you, but I will still be on hand to guide you through any technical questions that you may have. What you will learn will include: choosing good subjects, dealing with different types of light, angle of view, selecting the right settings and avoiding nasty distractions. All these things when brought together make the difference between a record shot and a piece of art worthy of any wall.  

Duration – 6 hrs

09.00 – 12.00 | Lunch | 13.00 – 16.00

Group size is six participants

We will car share

Fitness Level – Easy

Ideal equipment: Digital SLR / 50mm macro or 100mm macro or 180mm macro & extension tubes if you have them.

 Sturdy tripod (reflectors and flash if you wish). Kneeling pads such as those used by tilers come in handy for getting low and keeping dry. You can buy these here.

Yarrow Valley Park has a cafe and toilets located on the car park, which is operated by Chorley Council

 Warm clothing and appropriate footwear is essential. I generally wear thermal wellingtons.

Knee pads can be very useful. Buy them here.

Dates: 8th May 2022
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