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Simon Booth Photography is a proud Ambassador for Country Innovation Clothing.

Great clothing for those times when you just want to melt into the countryside and yet feel completely protected in any environment.
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My go to nature garment: APERTURE JACKET

As a professional ecologist, landscape and nature photographer I need clothing for a range of conditions and there’s nothing fits the bill better than the Aperture Jacket when it comes to being in the countryside and working alongside nature.

Now admittedly, the Aperture was designed for photography addicts such as me, but you cannot wear this jacket just for photography when all those pockets are just so damn useful. Things I regularly carry in the jacket during my ecological work include; 10×50 binoculars, spotting scope (sticks out a bit), bat box Duet detector, an Anabat Express or two, note pad, colouring pencils, trail cameras including my lunch box and flask. During the course of this work, the aperture has kept me warm and dry whilst undertaking a wide range of field surveys including surveys for birds, otter, badger and also night-time surveys for bats to name a few. Is it robust? Well…you are not kidding!! I often find myself crawling through dense undergrowth usually formed of bramble, blackthorn and generally the sort of stuff you wouldn’t want to go through in a Goretex jacket, so yes! I have even snagged the coat on barbed wire and it survived without so much as a scuff!

When it comes to nature and wildlife photography, this is the real bread and butter of the Aperture and what it was designed for with all those pockets just shouting out for lenses and other items you might need on a wildlife shoot, especially when you want to move quickly without a cumbersome bag to slow you down.

Use the Offer Code BOOTH for 10% off your purchases

My Aperture jacket review can be seen here. Sorry about the occasional poor audio.

My Raptor waistcoat review can be seen below.

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