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Woodland Workshop – Peak District

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Level: Beginner – Intermediate

This one day workshop is for a maximum of three people so that all participants benefit from tuition that is not diluted and offers great value for money. This workshop is intended for all those who desire to shoot those beautiful woodland landscapes that have become so popular, but find woodland scenes hard to piece together or in other words, make sense of the chaos.


April, May, September and October are the peak months in the United Kingdom for encountering fog and mist and it’s with this in mind that this workshop is timed to co-inside. There are different types of mist and fog. Probably the most appealing in terms of photography is ‘radiation fog’, which forms during clear, still nights when the ground loses heat via radiation and this is what this workshop aims to bring. If we get these conditions timed with some autumn colour or fresh spring foliage, the resulting images will be truly spectacular.

The images here that I have taken to illustrate this workshop are obviously taken in fog free conditions, but I still consider these images to be excellent, because the subject matter is so interesting. With this in mind, even if we don’t lucky with the mist, this woodland ticks all the boxes offering the photographer with ample opportunities to practice the craft of woodland photography.

The woodland that I have located for this workshop is truly ancient in character and because of its high biodiversity value is designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). 

Meeting point will be on location. Due to the sensitivity of the site, the location will be given upon request or at the time of booking.

September and October

Duration 8hrs

Group size is three participants

Fitness Level – Moderate / Hard

Ideal equipment: Digital SLR / 16mm – 35mm / 24mm – 70mm / 75 – 300mm / macro – just in case / tripod

A cafe is nearby but it’s advisable to bring a packed lunch.

We may encounter a mix of differing weather conditions and temperatures so be prepared.

The day when the images above were taken can be seen in the YouTube film below, from my landscape photography channel.

Dates: 22nd October 2022, 29th October 2022


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