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Open Editions in Any Format

For these products I use Loxley Colour who ship directly to the customer. Watch the video at the bottom of this page.

Open Editions are basically any image from the Artwork page in any format that you choose from Loxley. I will also offer a free Art Curation service via Teams or Skype to help you choose the materials (not available on stand alone prints). The main point to remember here is that the images are not certified, signed, numbered or accompanied by an artists statement like the Limited Editions.

You need to do the following:

  • Choose and make a note of the file reference number of the image in the Artwork page.


  • To get an idea of the total cost prior to ordering or contacting me, visit Loxley Colour to choose your materials and calculate their costs – To include my approximate fee and get the final figure, simply add 50% to the final price they quote after shipping and VAT.
  • Art Curation Service (not available on stand alone prints) – Get in touch using the Contact page and I will call you and arrange a Skype or Teams meeting where we can share screens and visit the Loxley website together.


  • Once the image details and price are agreed, I will email you a Payment Request and the rest is done for you.

Sample acrylic print below.

Acrylic print by Simon Booth Photography
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